Some couples plan their whole day around their dream wedding location, while others start with a blank page. Either way, choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you’ll make.

Kalkan, a sophisticated and stylish resort, is home to some truly magical wedding venues.  Whether you are looking for a small and intimate setting or a larger more spacious place, Kalkan Concierge can assist in finding your perfect location.

Please do contact us for more detailed information on exact locations, facilities, services and pricing.

Here are a few ideas we have on offer:

Kalkan Beach Club wedding

There are a number of beach clubs in Kalkan, ideal for the perfect wedding setting.  Offering stunning views right on the waters’ edge, they are certainly a unique choice of venue.    Essentially rock gardens cut into the hillside, the beach clubs are dotted about the Kalkan coastline.  Each offers stunning views, private dining, landscaped gardens and/or sunbathing platforms with a complimentary boat service running to and from the village, a fabulous way for you and your guests to arrive in style!  These are fast becoming our most popular choice of location.

Suitable for larger wedding parties

Traditional Turkish Gulet wedding

For an exceptionally romantic and perhaps a more intimate wedding, a traditional Turkish Gulet is an excellent option.  Set sail just before sunset, and enjoy your beautiful ceremony out on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.  With Kalkan as a picturesque backdrop you cannot ask for a more exclusive and private setting.  Following on from the ceremony, enjoy drinks and a delicious wedding breakfast on board, and perhaps a little music and dancing.  Perfect!

Villa wedding

A villa wedding gives you incredible flexibility within a private location.  A more relaxed event, with an intimate setting for the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, music and after dinner events can be organised exactly as you want, when you want.  In fact the villa could accommodate your entire wedding party, turning your wedding day into a wedding week and a honeymoon all rolled into one!

Hotel Wedding

There are some exceptional hotels available in Kalkan offering wedding packages to suit every style, size and budget.  From luxury, to fun or family orientated, these hotels can accommodate your entire group however large or small.  You and your guests will enjoy stunning accommodation, fabulous service and a very special wedding.

Restaurant Wedding

A restaurant is a fabulous location for a wedding, particularly in Kalkan where you are completely spoilt for choice.  Whether you choose an idyllic rooftop terrace or a position alongside the pretty harbour, you will be guaranteed a warm welcome, a superb menu and fantastic service.